CPA Preparation Tips – Tips on CPA Exam Preparation

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Most people would agree that the CPA exam is one of the most difficult tests for accounting professionals.  You have to make the necessary CPA exam preparations to understand the possible questions and prove yourself worthy of the title.  Some states will have a two-tier approach that requires you to take the exam first before you go through work experience to become officially licensed.  Here are some helpful tips and advice on how to prepare for the the CPA exam.

The Candidate Bulletin

If you are a candidate or are qualified to take the CPA examination, you should be familiar with the whole examination journey, from studying to the date of the exam, as well as the schedules as to when to take the test and when you can find out about the results.  You should spend adequate time to study and review all areas, so you get to pass all 4 sections of the exam, one by one.  You should understand how the entire process works, the rules that should be followed for progress and review development and other requirements you need to fulfill prior to the examination.  You should also know your roles and responsibilities as a candidate for the test.  The accountancy board in the United States will follow universal laws, although there can be variations depending on the state you are in.  You will be given the requirements before you graduate the college course or during the review period to know the governing applications for the licensure and examinations.  The Candidate Bulletin will give you all the requirements needed to take the test.

About the CSOs

CSO stands for content specification outlines.  These are descriptions of the coverage and scope of the examination sections.  To avoid surprises and other concerns on the date of the examination, you should study and learn the possible subjects that will be covered in every section.  Review the CSOs properly before you start studying, then pace yourself so you get to cover all the bases throughout the review period.

New Pronouncements

Determine the new pronouncements and policies that are eligible to be examined.  Review the policies once you start your review and CPA exam preparations.  You should also take time to read the confidentiality and break policy statement.  Each time you take a section of the exam, you will need to agree with the break policy and confidentiality provisions before you start taking the test.  Review all the statements beforehand, so you know the roles and commitments you have to make to ensure the confidentiality of the exams.  You should also be aware of the consequences and punishment for breaking these rules.

Tutorials and Sample Tests

You can find very useful review materials on the internet.  You can choose to download review materials to read and compute, take reviews live on the web or take classes in a good school or review center.  You should review the tutorial so you know how to navigate through the entire exam smoothly.  You should also find out more about the resources and tools that you can use during the examination.  After the tutorial, take time to answer sample tests and questions.